Accurate tire pressure is critical for autocrossers and is also important for the every day vehicle. We offer three top quality gauges and rubber gauge guards, and padded or hard plastic cases to protect them.

G-1 Basic Tire Gauge

Basic gauge with 2" dial, unbreakable lens, 1-1/2" angle chuck, bleeder valve, 0-60 PSI

G-4 Large Gauge Guard

Large Gauge Guard, protective rubber shock absorbing boot that fits Deluxe Tire Gauge G-2 and most other gauges with a 2-1/2" dial.

G-2 Deluxe Tire Gauge

Deluxe gauge with larger 2-1/2" dial, flexible 9" hose and bleeder valve to lower pressures without removing gauge from the tire. Also includes rubber Gauge Guard cover. Select from 0-15, 0-30, 0-60, and 0-100 PSI.

PSI Range

G-5 Standard DIGITAL Tire Gauge

Standard DIGITAL Tire Gauge. 2-1/2" dial, reads to 0.5 PSI increments, air pressure release button holds pressure until release, 14" flexible hose, rubber gauge guard, 0-100 PSI.

G-3 Standard Gauge Guard

Standard Gauge Guard, protective rubber shock absorbing boot that fits Basic Tire Gauge G-1 and most other gauges with a 2" dial.
NEW!! Protect your tire gauge and help insure its accuracy for years of use with these accessories.



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